There's no such thing as a "sure thing," is there?

We've been around long enough to know that when people start hustling that kind of talk, it's best to make a quick exit in the opposite direction.

When something is too good to be true, it probably is.



... That is, unless you're already familiar with my Bonus Bagging system and Profit Maximiser software.

Because if you're a regular user of either system, you already know all about my "sure thing!".

Let's face it.

If you told any bloke off the street about my secret, idiot-proof system to crushing the bookies at their own game, you'd be told to shove off … or worse!

But seeing is believing.

And you'd better believe that when it comes to leveraging easy money.

You know the real deal.

My Bonus Bagging system and software is quietly making my inner circle of clients returns on a daily basis!

It couldn't be easier – just open the software, place your bets, and then stuff your pockets full of cash.

I keep my eyes on the betting markets and work the odds to generate maximum profits for my clients.

… which bets to make … when to make them.

... Giving even the unexperienced rookie, tax-free profits that would make the most seasoned arbers green with envy!

I've developed a statistically proven system that allows my clients to virtually print money on demand – IF they follow my simple instructions!

Statistically proven – It means it doesn't matter who wins or loses.

Because when you know exactly when and where to place your bets… when I'm doing all the work behind the scenes.

... you can lock in profits all day long.


You heard correctly.

... My Bonus Bagging system and Profit Maximiser software has literally become a game changer.

I've made it so easy for average punters to beat the system, I've had to keep an extremely low profile to avoid too much attention!

By placing limits on the number of bets you can make with Bonus Bagging, and drastically limiting access to my Profit Maximiser software, I've managed to stay under the radar.

... for the most part.

... But too much interest from the wrong set of eyes, and my secret loophole won't be so secret anymore.

And if you don't get paid, I don't get paid.

Now, since it's in BOTH our interests to keep things just between us, I've been working overtime to figure out new ways to improve my system…

… to add yet another idiot-proof way to make risk-free cash – without tampering with the very system I've spent years perfecting!

What if I told you I've developed yet another fool-proof method for making high yield, tax-free profits.

... In addition to the Bonus Bagging system you're already using to rake in daily profits!

A completely new, statistically proven system that's as easy as opening your inbox, placing your bet, and collecting your cash.

Low risk.

No hassle.

And best of all, everybody gets paid.

Don't back another horse until you hear me out.

Because today I'm sharing a limited opportunity with only my most trusted clients.

A chance to get in on the ground floor of my latest and most effective system to date.

The easiest way to beat the bookies at their own game and make a tax-free profit!

There isn't a system out there offering those kind of returns – in fact, most arbers are ecstatic if they see a measly 1% ROI on a trade!

But not my clients – no way.

You don't have to know a thing about betting to make money.

You don't need an advanced degree in statistics to calculate the odds.

In fact ...

I work everything out in advance for you.

I send a daily email explaining exactly what to do – all you have to do is place the trades, and collect your winnings.

It's that simple.

You see - the secret to profiting long term on sports bets is finding the value.

... identifying the edge and devising a system to beat that edge.

... consistently and by a high enough margin to generate long term profits.

And that's exactly the idea behind Bookie Blowout.

Because when the bookies mark up their horse racing odds, they can and do make crucial mistakes.

By pricing some selections too high, they're exposing their edge – and that's when guys like me can lay off at lower odds and beat the edge regardless of the outcome of the race!

All you have to do is copy exactly what I send you!

I work out the bets and make the calculations.

You place the bets and pocket the cash.

In no more than 5 minutes per day, you'll be making a tax-free profit.

Now I'd bet my last quid that you won't see another offer like this come along for a long, long time.

With Bookie Blowout, you get everything you need to start making money right away.

As a Bookie Blowout member, you will make money.

I've spent the past year testing and perfecting the Bookie Blowout system, working every angle, every margin of error, and fine-tuning the system with precision accuracy.

Now, after 13 months of rigorous testing (and making a good bit of coin in the process), I'm finally ready to offer Bookie Blowout to the first clients and associates who are ready to take action today.

This is a limited time, exclusive offer for my trusted clients who are ready to start making money right away.

Let's face it … Bookie Blowout is major addition to my growing empire.

And my reputation is only as good as my word!

I refuse to overextend myself and allow the quality of my service – and my reputation – to suffer.

I will not release any product that does not live up to the same dedication, excellence and support as my existing products – even if it means limiting the amount of people I do business with.

And as for the system itself – let's just say I'm more than happy to keep my privileged secrets "exclusive" within my own inner circle.

I brought you here to personally share this opportunity with you … because I know you understand the incredible, long term value of this offer … it's simple, really.

I've already made you money.

… Now I want to make you some more.

My guess is that the first members of Bookie Blowout are already jumping down the page to hit "BUY" without further hesitation.

Because I can guarantee, beyond any shadow of doubt, that I currently have thousands of clients who are already making monthly tax-free profits using my Bonus Bagging system.

When you're making that kind of easy money, with little to no effort on your part, it doesn't take a genius to figure out what your next move should be.

... Are you going to close this page and say,

"That sounds nice, Mike ... but I'm already making enough
profit, thank you very much."

... Or will you log into Bookie Blowout tonight, place your first bet, and make your first profit before the bookie even knows what hit him?

If you want every day to be payday, you need to get out front fast, because your mates are already taking action.

When the horses have left the gate, will you have a spot in the winner's circle, or will you be left standing in the paddock?

Simply click the "BUY" button below and you will have instant access to Bookie Blowout for one year, starting immediately.

You'll have instant access to the Bookie Blowout website – the video tutorials, the step-by-step guide to making your first quid, the PDF manual outlining my strategies and tips for long term profits.

You'll receive your first daily Bookie Blowout bets within 24 hours ... the exact bets to place - with all the odds and stakes already calculated - to being making money right away.

You'll have instant access to my legendary customer support, my personal guidance and assistance should you have any questions about the system.

There's no reason why you can't be making tax-free profits from Bookie Blowout within the next 24 hours.

You already know how serious I am about making my clients money.

Now all you have to do is click "BUY" to immediately add an additional source of income to your bottom line every day for the next year!

So what are you waiting for?

Your mates are already lining up, and the space is limited.

How much extra money will you be making money tomorrow?

Isn't it time to get paid – again?

I'll see you inside.


Mike Cruickshank

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